Monday, May 24, 2010

CI #85 -- Talking too much

How do you know when you talk too much?

Consider the following exchange, which actually took place while watching the trailer for "Get Him To the Greek" a.k.a. "Let's try to Duplicate the Excitement of The Hangover":

Katie: What's that guy's name again?

Greg: Huh?! Well, it's currently Diddy, I think. I think Sean Combs works as well...

Katie: Umm...

Greg: But if you're really asking, it was Puff Daddy first. He changed it like 43 times. Both "Puffy" and "Puff" I think were completely acceptable and maybe even interchangeable -- don't know if they still are -- but I think that would be more like if you knew him personally...

Katie: Uhh...

Greg: like Mase or something. But that was back when he was actually rapping. Around the time he stopped, I think he went to "P. Diddy," which apparently was too long and got shortened to "Diddy." By the way, he's always a great Letterman guest -- it's hilarious when Dave introduces him. So I think to be safe, just go with "Sean" or "Diddy."

Katie: No. The British guy.

Greg: Oh. Russell Brand. ... Sorry.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CI #84 -- This Blog

Hey, what happened to this blog and why hasn't it been updated more lately?

Greg's been working a lot, which is to say the amount that normal people do.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

CI #83 -- Asian Helper

I've asked similar questions recently, but maybe that means this blog is finally finding its true voice (Answer: It's not)

Anyway, I saw this box in the grocery store and wondered Is this offensive?

[Insert black-and-white photo of a Chinese railroad worker here]. Probably not, but it is without a doubt unfortunately named.

CI #82 -- The Paperwork Reduction Act

Is it doing its job?