Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CI #77 -- Back-Up Plans

I was checking out the poster for J. Lo's latest joint The Back-Up Plan, you know, looking for a reason to be more aggravated when I noticed something.

The movie's web site is Now for the record, I'm pro-hyphen (case in point), but obviously it was not their first choice. So it got me thinking, What is (Also, who goes to movies' web sites?)

Turns out is a company that does specialized data backup for corporations, which I'd rather watch in action than this movie.

And a quick note about back up plans in general. Mine, more often than not, is "eat some cookies."

Friday, March 26, 2010

CI #76 -- Rock Star Residences

Needed: place to crash, room to stash axe, cigarette pack practice amp. I recently had occasion to ask myself that eternal, burning question "Where would a rock star live?"

Select has answers. And discounts.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

CI #75 -- Living Things

This weekend is beautiful. The sun is shining. Life is good.

So in celebration of the first day of Spring, the birth of new, beautiful life, etc., I thought I'd ask myself, what's the advantage of not having all that crap? What's the advantage of NOT having little things over having them?

If you take away the added property value, the increased quality of life, the cleaner air to breathe that living things "claim" to provide, do you gain anything?

You see, where I grew up there were many living things. Where I live, not so much (And, yes, Mom, A tree does, in fact, grow in Brooklyn. It is incredibly apropos.) What's good about that?

The singular advantage lies in the absence of one allergenic compound.

(Image via flickr)

While there are many reasons to live in NC, there are two reasons not to -- humidity and pollen.

Ironically (perhaps), I've rarely gotten sick since I moved to NYC. In NC, it was a seasonal event. I'd be writing this while snotting all over my keyboard. Yes, you get to make "snot" a verb when you feel like you're always breathing through a snorkel mask.

Here's to Spring in NY!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CI #74 -- Neocolonial tourism

A well-traveled family member gave me this shirt a while back. Anytime I look at it, I wonder Is this t-shirt offensive?

On one hand, an underdeveloped country that only develops tourism may always stay that way. On the other hand, maybe if we buy their t-shirts, they won't have to carry sticks on their heads.

Monday, March 15, 2010

CI #73 -- Quad Bikes

Katie and I were recently flipping channels when we came across "I Shouldn't Be Alive." It's one of her favorites, and I tend to enjoy it as well (though it seems a different production company, probably Canadian -- more on that later -- screwed up the new season).

The guide said something like "A man struggles for survival after a tragic quad bike accident." Okay, fine. Sign me up, but What the hell is a "quad bike"? I've never heard this term, which can only mean it's stupid.

I became more interested in this mystical "quad bike" thing than whether and how this guy should or shouldn't be alive. Fast forward a few minutes, and we see a wide shot with the big reveal! -- wait, a minute... That's an F-ing four wheeler! WTF?! That's not a quad bike -- that's a four wheeler! At the very least, it's an ATV. Quad bike, my ass! I mean, what would you call this?

Katie pointed out that it's probably a Canadian thing; the Canadian production company made a show for a Canadian market about a Canadian guy who got trapped under his [four wheeler].

I pointed out that while probably true, "that's bullshit! It's a four wheeler." Can we just go around naming any vehicle by putting one adjective in front of the word "bike"? Oh, look at the Navy's new $400 million nuclear underwater bike (submarine)? How are you getting to work, walking or taking the rail bike (subway)? I think I'll hop up and down in one place on my pogo bike (you get it, if you're not a total moron).

Meanwhile, "quad bike" continues to enrage me as the story unfolds: "I was trapped. I could feel the weight of the quad bike pushing down on my legs. I was aboot [sic] to fall asleep, but I knew I couldn't..."

At this point, I should fess up and say that Katie was indeed 100 percent correct. From Wikipedia:

The ATV is commonly called a quad (quad-bike) in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and parts of Canada and the United States

Monday, March 1, 2010

CI #72 -- 6-Hour Energy Drink

Reposted from Katie's blog in case anyone missed it a while back.

Forget 5-hour Energy. That's for suckas! But what happens when you take 6-Hour Energy Drink? This.

The following is a scientific experiment based on the research conducted on the claimed 6-Hour Energy Shot. Don't be confused...this is not the 5-Hour Energy Shot, it's the 6.

While I'm quick to doubt the claims made by athletes on what works for them, I felt it was time to quell my opposition and instead decide for myself. Any good scientist will tell you that they need a lab partner. I chose the notable Greg Volk for the job. The two of us decided on a starting time and agreed to transcribe our findings from our separate laboratories.

Let me first describe what is being promised to us, the consumer. They tell us it will work blazing fast, that it contains zero sugar and from that, we will benefit from a no-sugar crash. These 2 oz contain only 5 calories, which leads me to question how it's able to squeeze in so many ingredients such as 1.6g of Blazing Focus, 460mg of Extreme Energy Tech and 3mg of Herbal Scorch.

I'm going to splice in our individual documented findings as well as instant messenger conversations to more appropriately give our readers a sense of its scientific affects. Buckle up.

Greg: (10:56 am) Initial Thoughts – the bottle is on fire. Fire’s energetic, right? Looking at the trademarked ingredients, it’s got “Blazing Focus,” “Extreme Energy Technology,” and “Herbal Scorch.” They lost me with that last one. Sounds like some sort of condition you’d pick up camping. New flavor “Blueberry Raspberry Blast!” What was the old flavor? Doesn’t matter now. Here we go…

Katie: (11:00 am) After I broke open the box containing the bottle of energy shot, I noticed it said, “Brace Yourself” behind the bottle. I’m not sure if this is a good sign or not. Needless to say, I’m bracing myself.

Greg: (11:02 am) The “easy open” tab is not… Smells like candy. Katie’s probably so pumped right now. Took it down in one shot. Doesn’t taste all that bad. Very sugary for something containing no sugar. I’m sure whatever it is instead has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals (that’s how you know it works!). Kind of like thick Kool Aid meets one of those plastic sleeve frozen popsicles. Let the energy begin…

Katie: (11:01 am) I’m still trying to open the bottle. I feel jittery at the thought of me feeling more jittery in a minute, so maybe my hands just don’t work. This should be interesting.

Greg: (11:10 am) Okay. I’m feeling something. Maybe it’s my hangover coffee buzz or an artificially flavored placebo, but something’s happening. I probably can’t emphasize enough how unscientific this is.

Katie: (11:07 am) That was tangy. Like cotton candy in liquid form mixed with what I liked about Triaminic as a kid. I didn’t so much shoot it, as I did sip it. I’ve never been able to shoot anything. I like to think that I enjoy tastes and need more time.

Greg: (11:11 am) Reinstalling Firefox. What the hell happened to all my bookmarks? Has nothing to do with this, but I thought you should know.

Katie: (11:14 am) I’m seeing spots.

[We both signed on to Instant Messenger.]

bidnessgreg (11:15:03 AM): spots, huh?
KatieCDulin (11:15:20 AM): maybe i'm making this up. but shit feels weird.
bidnessgreg (11:15:32 AM): that sucks
bidnessgreg (11:15:41 AM): i too am feeling something
bidnessgreg (11:15:47 AM): but i think it may be in my head
KatieCDulin (11:15:47 AM): haha...maybe this wasn't a great idea.
bidnessgreg (11:16:04 AM): however, i think on the whole, it's a bunch of synthetic sugar
bidnessgreg (11:16:12 AM): and most likely nothing will happen
KatieCDulin (11:16:13 AM):'s way too tangy to not having something in it
bidnessgreg (11:16:33 AM): no sugar, no caffeine, no crash
bidnessgreg (11:16:37 AM): so what does it have?
KatieCDulin (11:16:44 AM): a lot of other shit.
bidnessgreg (11:16:46 AM): yeah
KatieCDulin (11:16:58 AM): how's your hangover?
bidnessgreg (11:17:17 AM): taking a back seat to my energy buzz!
KatieCDulin (11:17:37 AM): yeah, perhaps i should embrace this newfound jumpiness.
bidnessgreg (11:17:47 AM): let's assume this does work
bidnessgreg (11:17:55 AM): sitting at a desk is probably not the best use
KatieCDulin (11:18:03 AM): probably not. jogging? possibly.
bidnessgreg (11:18:09 AM): i think a brisk walk
bidnessgreg (11:18:10 AM): or dancing
KatieCDulin (11:18:14 AM): true
KatieCDulin (11:18:19 AM): both of these things i can do at lunch
bidnessgreg (11:18:24 AM): by the way, we should save this IM conversation and put it in our thing
KatieCDulin (11:18:31 AM): done and doner.
KatieCDulin (11:19:02 AM): now i have an overwhelming urge to sound more witty
bidnessgreg (11:19:20 AM): don't get too in your head
bidnessgreg (11:19:30 AM): you'll psyche yourself out
bidnessgreg (11:19:41 AM): just let the drink do the work, man
KatieCDulin (11:20:08 AM): let the soothing cotton candy-like synthetic taste wash over you
bidnessgreg (11:20:26 AM): i heard it intensifies it if you drink orange juice
KatieCDulin (11:20:48 AM): i think we just formed a new cult.
bidnessgreg (11:21:00 AM): a very productive cult
KatieCDulin (11:21:44 AM): one that includes a lot of organizing.

[Signed off Instant Messenger]

Greg: (12:02 pm) I just learned that Extreme 6 Hour Blast Off Energy Shot (I just decided I’m going to change the name each time since I can’t remember it anyway) has the caffeine equivalent of 2 cups of coffee (this makes it slightly less exotic). I’m definitely feeling the coffee jitters, and I can tell you the aftertaste of 6 Hour Hi-Powered NRG Liquid is equally as displeasing as that of coffee. Still contemplating what I’m going to do with my extra hour of energy. 5 Hour Energy Drink is for suckas! Remember that movie “I’m gonna git you sucka”? Do I hear “long-awaited sequel”? Okay, I’m going to stop typing now.

Katie: (12:00 pm) I’m becoming very aware of my surroundings. Like noises hurt. Someone’s duct taping a box together down the hall and it’s a lingering sound that I’m replaying over and over again. My heart is a racing a bit. Perhaps I should be doing what they’re doing on television. Like fishing or playing basketball. Sitting at your desk isn’t as conducive to an explosion of energy, as say, being in a race car.

Greg: (12:36 pm) Feeling mostly normal. Starting to think about what I’m going to have for lunch. Should probably be something high in calories and protein to keep up with my supercharged metabolism, on account of my ¼ Of A Day Power Pack Juice and all. I’m thinking burrito … or 12 oz. rib eye.

Katie: (12:16 pm) I think I’m inventing symptoms. Like my neck is itchy.

Katie: (12:38 pm) I slept 8 hours last night and woke up feeling pretty great. Right now, I feel like I’ve sat up all night drinking and I’ve replaced vital fluids with sugar as I way to mask a hangover that I don’t have. I don’t feel awesome and don’t so much feel like jogging this off as I do just simply not feeling this way anymore.

Greg: (1:42 pm) Turkey sandwich. Boring. I’m just going to go ahead and say I feel completely normal. Maybe I’ll have a caffeine crash later. I’m now realizing that the bottle says “no sugar crash…” but nothing about caffeine. Then again, now is normally when I enter a food coma and get depressed because it’s hours before I get to look forward to food again. (Yes, I use food like a drug). And right now I feel fine, so maybe my normal feeling is abnormal. That sound you just heard is your brain exploding.

Katie: (1:51 pm) An hour has passed without me noticing. I’ve done nothing productive but a failed attempt at a crossword puzzle, which isn’t a surprise as I’ve never been that great at crossword puzzles. I’ve waited too long to eat as this seems to given me the feeling that food isn’t necessary. It feels like my blood vessels have been replaced with sludge. But again that’s no surprise as I often forget to eat. Instead I replace common human needs with the ability to make poor choices….like this un-fun game of testing a 6 hour energy shot.

Greg: (2:48 pm) Yeah, I’m not going to make it. I’m gonna be in the Hudson. (Read: crashhhhhhh).

Katie: (2:35 pm) As long as I keep eating, I think I’ll make it through the next 3 hours.

Greg: (3:29 pm) Maybe some gum will help revive me. At only 5 calories per piece, it’s great when you want a boost but know you probably shouldn’t snack, or at least that’s what the “Biggest Loser” on NBC told me. (At least I haven’t lost my “edge.”)

Katie: (3:24 pm) I’ve run out of things to snack on…instead I’m focusing my efforts on compiling the data into a blog. This act has caused extreme fatigue and I’m finding it difficult to spell words correctly on the first try. So much for the focused energy they promised me. If I were driving a race car right now, I'd be dead.

Greg: (4:13 pm) I feel icky. Am I asleep yet?

Katie: (4:24 pm) I’m becoming mentally aware that I’m nearing the end of this 6 hours of suck. My ears are ringing. I’m going home soon to revaluate my decisions.

Greg: (4:25 pm) I am NOT tired.

Katie: (4:35 pm) I saw they're making 80 hour Energy mouth sprays. I hope they eventually make life-long energy drinks. I wonder if anyone has died from this. I hope it's not me.

Greg: (4:47 pm) Was that only 6 hours? It felt like 12. I need a naps.

Katie: (4:50 pm) I'm staring at the words "Dietary Supplement" on the box. Next time I'm just drinking a sixer and swallowing a box of razors. Goodnight.