Sunday, March 21, 2010

CI #75 -- Living Things

This weekend is beautiful. The sun is shining. Life is good.

So in celebration of the first day of Spring, the birth of new, beautiful life, etc., I thought I'd ask myself, what's the advantage of not having all that crap? What's the advantage of NOT having little things over having them?

If you take away the added property value, the increased quality of life, the cleaner air to breathe that living things "claim" to provide, do you gain anything?

You see, where I grew up there were many living things. Where I live, not so much (And, yes, Mom, A tree does, in fact, grow in Brooklyn. It is incredibly apropos.) What's good about that?

The singular advantage lies in the absence of one allergenic compound.

(Image via flickr)

While there are many reasons to live in NC, there are two reasons not to -- humidity and pollen.

Ironically (perhaps), I've rarely gotten sick since I moved to NYC. In NC, it was a seasonal event. I'd be writing this while snotting all over my keyboard. Yes, you get to make "snot" a verb when you feel like you're always breathing through a snorkel mask.

Here's to Spring in NY!

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