Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CI #17 -- Quotation Marks

This weekend I caught a few minutes of NY1 a.k.a. "the channel your cable box automatically tunes itself to." I'm convinced this is where most of their viewership comes from -- that and from people directly involved in New York City political campaigns.

They were doing a piece on some sort of school program designed to promote the sciences among middle school students (I believe an appalling lack of beakers was the number-one problem), and they decided to see what 13-year-old Jonathan Spielman had to say on the matter. Seems appropriate.

But (cq) was using quotes to emphasize that Jonathan is in fact NOT an actual scientist really necessary?

Of course he's not a scientist. He's THIRTEEN. Way to kick a guy when he's down, NY1.


  1. That's fun. NY1 is getting sarcastic. It would have been even more intriguing if they put the " marks around his first name, like he was a fugitive.

  2. All I'm saying is next time I see a comment from a "Concerned Citizen," I'm going to think twice about whether they're actually concerned.