Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CI #19 -- Lady Gaga's VMA Performance

If a rapper hadn't acted like a jackass and then the President of the United States hadn't called him one, we'd still be focusing on the real story of the MTV Vide0 Music Awards -- the many faces of Lady Gaga.

Behold the Student Film Widow From The Future...

(Special shoutout to my boy, Kerm.)

the Doiley-Masked Evil Fairy Queen...

... And the Mascot For A Feathery Donut Store.

And those weren't even all of them. Okay, so the outfits are interesting, but what about her performance, the one that was supposed to solidify her presence as The Biggest Female Pop Star?

- creepiest bunny mask known to man? Check.
- backup dancers from the gay Lost Boys? Check.
- grand piano played with theatrical gusto and one leg up? Suck it, Liberace. Double check.
- inexplicable glut of stage blood? Check.
- backup dancer in a wheelchair? Check.
- one staged death? Check.

As Katie pointed out, she had it all, yet I still felt unfulfilled. For me, something was lacking. Was there anything that could have taken her performance to the next level, you know, really made it memorable? So I ask (CQ) What was Lady Gaga's VMA performance possibly missing?

Midgets. Serious oversight. She probably didn't call on the little people because Britney Spears used them on her recent tour. Nevertheless, I'm nonplussed. What a bland, run-of-the-mill showing, Lady Gaga. Maybe go all out next time, huh?

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