Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CI #36 -- Toilet Paper

Rest assured, the Government is protecting your favorite toilet paper brand from thieving competitors and unfair practices.

One might assume that toilet paper brands, like many products, have applicable patents. You figure there's one for the diamond weave texture for a dependable clean, another for the method that turns 100% recycled materials into a rough, rugged clean, and even another for the latest in cardboard tube adhesives.

But how many patents can a single roll of toilet paper possibly have?

Our butts are more complicated than I had previously imagined. (Note: I recommend against imagining butts in general though.)

1 comment:

  1. i'm happy to know that the cleanliness of my anus has been subject to many sleepless nights and brainstorming patent upon patent to ensure a dingleberry free zone. yet, they are not fool proof as said zone has yet to be completely free of all dingleberries. one can still dream, no?