Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CI #53 -- White Trash

This week has got to be one of the best for Joe Biden and one of the worst for Harry Reid.

I dream of a truly post-racial day when we are so unconditioned to race that we don't even have to indicate it on government forms, a day when we can look at both black chocolate and white chocolate and say "yes, please." (That day's been here for me for decades.)

Whether you call them "racial epithets," "ethnic slurs" or "handy ways to refer to people you hate," these negative classifications are just not okay, including the seemingly still-popular term "white trash."

CQ: Why is it not okay to use the term "white trash"?

Because by saying "white trash," you're suggesting someone's race has to do with the fact that his house has wheels, when it's really out of his control. However, it IS okay to call someone a "dick head" because it's a metaphor.

You're not implying that he's a bad person because he has a penis on his head -- unless he really does have a penis on his head, in which case he's probably really bitter and, therefore, a bad person. And then it's okay.

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