Saturday, January 23, 2010

CI #58 -- Food Recalls

Last week, the USDA announced a recall of 864,000 pounds of beef that was tainted with e. coli dating back to February 2008.

Man, we got right on that one, didn't we? Any time you get into the 40 tons range, you know it's serious.

So, um, don't eat any of that tainted beef that you, -- already ate. How are we not better at tracking this stuff?

Oh, that July 4th party you were planning on having? You shouldn't have had it. No, not this year. Well, this year too, but also last year.

It's unfair that a phrase meaning something so bad -- tainted beef -- has such a funny name. It sounds like a race horse: "TAINTED BEEF! COMING AROUND THE OUTSIDE, TAINTED BEEF! PULLING TO THE FRONT OF THE PACK, TAINTED BEEF!..." In fact, the tainted beef might be a race horse. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Whenever there's a food recall, there's always a news piece where they tell you how you can get a refund, as if getting your $5.95 back will make up for days and days of violent diarrhea.

Wow, when I got my money back, it made me completely forget about the chills, vomiting, dizziness, and general misery.

And don't worry; if you happened to die from the e.coli-tainted beef, the rebate will go straight to your estate. With 2-years' interest, that comes to $6.11, so there really aren't any losers here.

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