Thursday, April 8, 2010

CI # 79 -- Twitter

I'm over it. Or maybe I'm not because I would have to have been under it or on it first.

I was recently scrolling through my feed when I realized how bored I was scrolling through my feed. After reading one Tweet from someone I follow, I actually said to myself "Wait, 'he' is doing it wrong!"

[Don't try to figure out who it was. I finally stopped following "him."]. But is there a "right" way to use Twitter?

I don't really think so, and I guess that's what's good and bad about it. Twitter is to you whatever you want it to be. Right now it's something that bores me. Perhaps that says more about me than it does about Twitter. I'm fine with that.

As a "media professional," I'm constantly reminded that "Oh, you've got to be Tweeting, man. You're expected to do it these days." Maybe my lack of incessant Tweeting is actually hurting me. "I see here on your resume that you've only Tweeted 943 times... Hmm..."

Or maybe I'm just getting "old." If you want to play along like me, intermittently, you can follow my slow aging process at


  1. ugh. I hate Twitter. And why does every damn product have to now include the line "follow us on Twitter!" on their packaging? Why do I need to follow Dove Shampoo on Twitter? Or Fage Greek Yogurt? What could they possible be saying that I would want to read? I'll never know. I refuse to get on Twitter and I've refused for so long I can't possibly back down now...I can outlast the trend. Sort of like how my 83 year old grandmother swears she will outlast the trend of email. Hmm...

  2. You and Dulin both often are my highlights of twitter for me. That and the occasional announcement from bands of upcoming tours or ticket sales. There's definitely alot of fat to be trimmed, but i think it can be a useful tool.

  3. [Check's who Greg is following.] Phew--you didn't mean me.