Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CI #81 -- Arizona's New Immigration Policy

[Editor's note: Finally, an excuse to use an actual file photo*]

A couple questions about it. It's a joke, right? Any day now, they're going to say "Ha ha, fooled you!" and break out pinatas and guac and have a fiesta in the calle, right? If so, good one, Arizona.

Aren't most people in this country immigrants, including people who walked over a land bridge and then were given bridge-sized land to live in? I'm pretty sure that's true. Okay, just checking. Or maybe every single fact in the history books is incorrect.

And I've been wondering, Is there any correlation between this new "immigration" policy and poor penmanship?


*I actually took this photo in Georgia in 2008, but I think it still "works."

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  1. better than carrying papers...implant everyone with a citizen chip that police can scan at random. it's nearly as logical as making any alien carry their registration papers at all times.