Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CI #86 -- Rewatching of Raising Arizona

Last night Katie and I took in a fine film known as "Raising Arizona." It had been a while. Worry not, though. It still holds up.

Early on I found myself thinking about... well, heavy s#!^: the cycle of poverty, recidivism, the disappearance of America's middle class, "that sumbitch Reagan in the White House," etc.

Then I began to relate to the story in a much different way -- as a relocated New Yorker. So what does this relocated New Yorker think of Hi and Ed's exploits?

Honestly, I'm jealous of their apartment. Look how much space there is between the TV tables and TV! Salad days, indeed. I desperately want their doublewide.

Now I'm well aware that I could have it worse. But just like their desire for the 5th quintuplet of a rich couple, a boy can dream.

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