Thursday, August 13, 2009

Curious Item #6 -- Natural Male Enhancement that actually works!!!

I was watching a commercial for a natural male enhancement product the other day. I think it was Maxoderm (does it matter)? There was a creepy short guy dancing in the background who had clearly gained so much confidence through the use of their product that he was determined to show her just how enhanced he was -- whether she liked it or not. For added effect, he was biting his lip while he grinded (ground?) on her.

After minutes of endless searching, my fingers working feverishly like a master artisan, I was forced to admit defeat to the Internet. I couldn't find that particular commercial. But I did learn that actor Ron Rogell has posted his starring role as an aspiring rapist on his Myspace page.

You don't really have to watch that. You've already seen it. But you do have to know this. (CQ) What are the odds that a guy from a Maxoderm commercial has Nickelback on his MySpace playlist? 100%.

P.S. Nothing will ever beat Steve Martin's product.


  1. I like that these commercials always include women who are overjoyed at the fact that at least their boyfriends don't need a prescription. They don't need one, you see... They rub various ointments on it.

  2. 100% chance is right. But be careful, dude...Nickelback fans have some SERIOUS hate for people who say anything non-Godly about their favorite sore-throat-sounding Canadians. Sample youtube comments from one of my college videos in which I played Chad:

    Chesterbean101: Man, you bite dog $hit! Cad Kroeger is the best! And it's Kroeger, not Kroager, you idiots! (all spelling mistakes transcribed exactly)

    Optijules: Are you for real???? Chad Kroeger is only the best singer you'll ever see!

    And my fave,

    ILoveRyanPeake: shut the f*ck up! Chad is awesome and so is Nickelback! Get a f*ckin life!!! Gosh!!! Do you not know how many people like Nickelback?!!! Get your f*ckin facts straight!!! And Chad is prettymuch f*ckin hot not like a face of a horse you dumbass!!!

    Peace be with you.

  3. Thanks for the warning, Kevin. And out of curiosity, did commenter Optijules happen to be Napoleon Dynamite?

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