Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Curious Item #9 -- Apples

I was recently informed that I've been using apples wrong. (And yes, I do meaning "using.")

I've been eating an average of one a day for decades, and to hear this after all this time is unsettling. It's challenging my worldview, quite frankly.

Here's what happened:

I go to a produce stand to pick up four or five of my usual go-to fruits, red delicious. I select the best ones, put them in a bag and take them up to the counter.

I put them down on the counter. And the guy at the register looks down at the apples, then back up at me, and says "Uhh, what do you eat those or something?!"

"Umm, yeah." But more importantly, (cq) what do YOU do with apples?

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