Thursday, October 22, 2009

CI #32 -- Organic Eggs

I normally don't buy organic foods, mostly due to the sheer expense of them (also, because if your organic food product X comes all the way from California via fossil fuels, is the net result really a gain?).

I'd love to imagine a day where all foods are organic (whatever that means, since the FDA/USDA doesn't really have a meaningful and consistent definition of it). And water would come right out of the ground, and we could drink it too!

I know. I'm a hapless romantic.

This week, however, I did happen to pick up some certified organic eggs. As most Americans are, I'm cynical about labels (How do I know my $5 Chinatown shades really block UVs?). But this is no laughing matter.

So how can you be sure that your healthy, environmentally-friendly organic food is actually healthy and environmentally-friendly?

Why just check the machine-stamped, ink label right there on your eggs, of course.

(not Photoshopped, by me or a 1980s robot. I promise.)

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