Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CI #101 -- Mets hats

Being from North Carolina and an NC State alum, I've always identified with the NY Mets.

Whether in *long-term performance, player signing (or recruiting), or merchandising (let's be honest -- it's the most important part) they're consistently overshadowed by the Yankees (or Tarheels).

As much as I hate to admit, it's true. When's the last time you saw anyone giving national coverage to a Wolfpack hat? Seriously, when was it? To be fair though, would you wear this?

Of course, there's a certain amount of pride that comes with playing or aligning with the underdog. Whim Quarterly's own Brock Mahan and I have discussed the connection between indie rock and Mets hats in the past. At an average show, you might find a handful of Mets hats but probably zero Yankees hats.

Why are indie rockers the only ones not wearing Mets hats? Because every single person likes the Yankees (or at least their hats). And by definition, if everyone likes it, it's no longer "indie" and therefore no longer "cool" (even if you're still on Merge Records.). (For the record, I personally reject the notion that mainstream success = failure).

Incidentally, for more on Yankees hats, see the NY Times' latest in racist trend pieces. Who knew criminals carried out crimes wearing hats? Also, as Brock pointed out, what's the deal with early '90s Gangster rappers and Raiders hats?

Back to the Mets hats. Brock and I saw Pavement twice last week (again, indie only by certain standards, and either way it does not freaking matter).

Total hats seen? Mets - 4, Yankees - 0. Finally, a win for the boys in Queens (Raleigh)!

Additionally bolstering our theory and our pride was the following photo. And all the credit goes to Brock.

Photo via NicoleBitchie and Brock.

What can I say? The man has taste. I'll take Andre 3000 over Mark Wahlberg any day of the week.

*Yes, this football season is going well. But talk to any Mets fan; the season is only as good as its end result.

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