Thursday, September 30, 2010

CI #102 -- New Media Internet

What do you do with that interminable split second before the elevator closes? You take the time to notice the little things, including random tenants in a random building.

Like these mysterious outfits.

Sure, Media Most International and Overseas Media are intriguing, but they're no "New Media Internet."

Yeah. A couple questions. Is it really possible that "New Media Internet" is the company's real name? What do they do?

One can only assume they're involved in the following:

-Internet Web Sites
-Multimedia Videos
-Web Internet Blogging
-Audio Podcasts

Also, Who are their chief competitors? Web Business LLC? Or do they more often run up against the large conglomerate Company Incorporated?

As it turns out, New Media Internet is in fact their name. And they recently trademarkia'd KINOLUBITEL. Good for them.

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